Musashino city passed an ordinance in the last few years forbidding smoking in front of the stations. There is a small area within one block of the station where you aren't allowed to smoke on the sidewalk, except for at the "manner point." There are ash trays located near the entrance where people can do their business.

However, people still smoke. Since this is a city ordinance, the police don't get involved - they are at the state level. No one says a word, even though the city has hired these young girls who wear bright yellow jackets (see photo) and hand out nose tissues with information on the law. However, they seem to hand out tissues to only those who don't smoke (and are suffering from smoke allergies...). Note the old man standing in the photo smoking, just next to the "don't smoke here girls."

I guess I needn't mention that the sign in between them says, "don't park your bike here" even though there are hundreds of bikes lined up just in front of the next sign.

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