Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Movie Review

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
The Dark Lord Sauron makes the One Ring to rule the Middle Earth but when Prince Isildur cuts off his hand the Ring is lost for centuries. In the present times the Ring is with Hobbit Frodo Baggins, enacted by Elijah Wood with a performance of top rated movies. Wizard Gandalf the Grey, played by Ian Mckellen's worthy of top movies performance, finds that the Ring actually belongs to the Dark Lord Sauron. Returning to Bag End he advices Frodo to immediately leave for Rivendell and sends Samwise Gamgee, played by Sean Astin with a top movies performance, Merry and Pippin with him.

On way to Rivendell with Elf Arwen who has magical powers, Frodo is joined by Strider but Gandalf joins Frodo in Rivendell and they learn from Elrond, chief of the Elves that the Ring can only be destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom where it was made. Frodo forms the 'Fellowship of the Ring' with Gandalf, Elf Legolas, Dwarf Gimli, Strider a.k.a Aragorn the Prince of Gondor, played with aplomb like a top rated movies act and Boromir Steward of Gondor's son, enacted by Sean Bean with a strong top 10 movies act and they leave for Mount Doom.

The Fellowship is ambushed by the forces of Saruman on the way but they successfully reach Lothlorien, a safe haven of Elves ruled by husband and wife duo of Celeborn and Galadriel. Galadriel tells him that it's in his destiny to destroy the Ring and gives him the magical Phial of Galadriel when they leave for Parth Galen. At Parth Galen, after Boromir's failed attempt to snatch the Ring, Frodo decides to make the journey alone. After he leaves Uruk-hai under Lurtz's command attack the Fellowship but are stopped by Merry and Pippin. Aragorn tries to avert Lutz's attack on Boromir but is unable to save him. Merry and Pippin are captured and Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas pursue the Orcs to rescue them. Frodo is joined by Sam on the way and they continue their journey to Mount Doom.

Peter Jackson, who has been associated with many top rated movies projects, directs this magic oriented tale about a ring which has Dark Powers. The movie is a sure chart buster and is bound to be in the top 10 movies list of the year. The story and the characterization have been deftly handled by Peter using digital make-up special effects and the viewer is not going to have a dull moment.

Peter has decided to follow the original story of J R R Tolkien which is full of top movies stuff and make a trilogy of the ring. The musical score has been composed by Howard Stone who has got splendid performances by The London Philharmonic Orchestra, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and The London Voices. Viewers are going to wait eagerly for the next edition and the final one to see the fate of the ring.

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