World War Z - Movie Review

World War Z
Based on the novel of the same name, World War Z is an apocalyptic thriller that will leave you saying it's the best zombie movie you have ever seen. While the movie deviates from author Max Brooks' novel, its version is surprisingly good. With mega-star Brad Pitt in the lead role, it's hard to go wrong.


Pitt is the star of this film playing Gerry Lane a United Nations employee. When the world war starts, he will be thrust into action to try and find a way to stop the zombies from overtaking the world. Mireille Enos (HBO series and The Killing) plays Karen, Lane's wife and mother of their two daughters. Matthew Fox and Bryan Cranston, of the TV hit Breaking Bad, also star. Marc Forster, who did the James Bond film Quantum of Solace, directs.


Gerry Lane is a U.N. employee and family man who loves his wife and two daughters dearly. Living in New York City, Lane and his family learn that martial law has been declared. While traveling through the city, the Lane family begins to see why. Mayhem and chaos ensue as a zombie pandemic has begun. The zombies are toppling armies and governments all over the world and looking to bring an end to humanity. In a race against the clock, Lane must leave his family and travel the world to find a way to save the human race.


If you are a fan of Brooks' novel, be prepared. The movie's adaptation is much different than what you have read. Don't worry, though. That's a good thing. While the actual making of the movie wound up taking a little longer than was first thought, the end result is a solid zombie movie. The action scenes are a non-stop adrenaline rush and will keep you waiting for what happens next. There is gripping emotion as well as Lane must leave his family and go off and fight the zombies.

You will find yourself pulling for Lane to make it just so he can get back to his wife and daughters. Fans may remember that the ending of the movie had to be redone and it's a doozy... and well worth it. Apparently, Forster has some plans for not just a sequel, but a trilogy along the likes of the Jason Bourne series or even Spiderman. If you like action and zombie, World War Z is well worth a look.

Beowulf - Movie Review

Beowulf'Beowulf' (2007) is set in Denmark in the year 507 A.D. This epic old English poem and ancient tale of heroism and betrayal is brought entertainingly to life in this screen adaptation which is stunningly animated using computer generated graphics, sword and sandals fantasy adventure movie. A beguiling and thoroughly enjoyable film, with picturesque Icelandic vistas shot by Jan Kiesser and a timeless theme of religious conflict (Christianity versus Nordic paganism) and intolerance.

Originally made in 3D, to best show off the special effects, the movie is a must have DVD for your home cinema, especially the director's cut version, with special features about the technical creation of the movie, design and filming, which makes interesting viewing.

Anthony Hopkins plays elderly King Hrothgar, set in a time of demons and dragons, warriors and temptresses in this Viking land. King Hrothgar, to the disapproval of his Queen, Wealthow (Robin Wright Penn) celebrates his conquest of other lands and accumulated wealth with drunken cavorting revelry in his new mead hall, where the assembled warriors and wenches make merry with mead, singing and dancing.

However, in a dark cave not far away, lurks the huge, half-demon, half-human grotesque Grendel (Crispin Glover) who is fired into a rage at hearing all these sounds of revelry and launches a horrific violent attack on the mead hall and its' revelers, killing and maiming many of the brave warriors with his own flesh seemingly impervious to most weapons although sparing the Kings' life, because of past history between the two. After this blood-bath the beast returns to his cavern where his mother, a water demon (Angelina Jolie) comforts him.

The next day King Hrothgar makes it known publicly that he's willing to pay a handsome sum to rid his kingdom of Grendel. A hero steps forward proclaiming himself defender of the realm - Beowulf (Ray Winstone). Beowulf and his fellow Geats pledge to kill the monster in exchange for gold and a kingdom.

Though at first Grendel seems invincible, Beowulf eventually manages to defeat him in a desperate battle to the death. Devastated by her son's violent demise at the hands of Beowulf, Grendel's mother, a splendidly sexy naked water siren, sets out in search of revenge. Later, Beowulf faces the biggest challenge of his life when he attempts to slay a powerful dragon.

The movie is a spell-binder, a fully fledged cinematic assault on the senses, as if an old painting of Norse Gods had sprung to life and begun heaving spears, arrows complete with geysers of blood spurting in all directions and exceptional sound effects. A celebration of bold, carnivorous manhood married with up-to-date technical wizardry and punctuated with sly humour and a surprisingly sophisticated sting in its' tale.

Gladiator: Top Movie Review

Maximus Decimus Meridius, a powerful act by Russell Crowe, veteran of many top 10 movies, was a General in the army of ageing Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius and had saved the Rome from many barbarous attacks. Emperor Marcus on his death bed wishes that an appointed Senate should rule the empire and till that time Maximus should keep the reigns of the empire in his hands. Commodus, enacted on screen by Joaquin Phoenix, star of many top rated movies, Marcus's son kills his father on learning this and on assuming charge of the empire orders that Maximus and his family be executed. Maximus is betrayed by his friend Quintus and is arrested but somehow escapes only to find that he got late in saving his wife and son. An unconscious Maximus is taken by slave traders to Zucchabar, in North Africa, where Proximo, a slave trader buys him and makes him a gladiator. There he befriends two gladiators, Juba, well portrayed by Djimon Hounsou, star of many top movies, from Numidia and Hagen from Germania. Juba is a gentle soul and assures Maximus that he shall meet his family after death.

Maximus grows in stature as a gladiator and he is invited for fights at the Colosseum in the city of Rome where he again confronts Commodus. He opens the event by skillfully leading his men and defeating the opponent. Commodus wants him to be killed upon knowing his true identity but is advised against it looking at his immense popularity with the crowds. Commodus orders him to fight Tigris of Gaul the undefeated champion gladiator of Rome. Maximus defeats Tigris but spares his life. After the fights Maximus learns from Cicero, his once faithful servant, that the soldiers who were led by Maximus in battles were still loyal to him. Maximus plans to overthrow Commodus and form a senate to rule the empire, for which he gets the support of Commodus's sister Lucilla, well played by Connie Nielsen, the charming face of many top rated movies. But Commodus suspecting his sister threatens to kill her son and gets to know of Maximus's plan. Finding no other way to stop Maximus from being a hero in the eyes of the people, he challenges him to a fight unto death in the Colosseum.
Before entering the arena, Commodus meets Maximus and stabs him with a hidden stiletto. In the ensuing fight both the warriors are highly wounded and Commodus loses his sword. Attempting to kill Maximus with the stiletto he is slain by Maximus with the same stiletto. Before dying Commodus honors his father's last wishes and orders that a senate be formed to rule the empire and slavery be abolished. Maximus dies in Lucilla's arms and re-unites with his dead wife and son.

Ridley Scott, director of many top 10 movies, the master story teller and director of par excellence historical films, performs another magic on the screen, extracting excellent performances from his actors like a juicer extracting juice from the fruits. The sweetness of his films comes from this quality of his, not that he doesn't have other cinematic qualities. He knows how to narrate a story on screen - he knows how to keep his viewers glued to their seats and savor every drop of the blissful elixir of enjoyment he serves them with the finesse worthy of him.

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