Unstoppable - Movie Review

Directed by Tony Scott, director of many Top Movies of Hollywood including his previous best on a train, The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, Unstoppable is another roller coaster train saga, which got the PG 13 rating for some of its violent scenes and explicit dialogues.

Starring Denzel Washington (who has acted in many Top Movies) as Frank Barnes, a veteran engineer in a railway company about to retire and Chris Pine (star of many Top Movies) as Will Colson, a trainee attached with Frank, Unstoppable moves at a fast pace, despite having a weak storyline. Frank and Will are on a train with their duties etched out clearly. Frank is in control of the train and Will is to supervise the safety of the attached cars, where he defaults by overloading the train with extra cars.

On their journey they are encountered with a serious problem, which is not concerning their train, but another train that has been accidentally let loose on the tracks by a couple of yardman. This unmanned train contains a very deadly chemical that can destroy a whole city if it spills over. Frank is apprised of the situation and the management of the rail company wants to use his long experience in stopping the unmanned train. The director has turned the movie - fit to be ranked as a Top Movie - into a visual treat which does not let the viewers think about the non-existent story.

Forgetting their own squabbles, Frank and Will get onto the job and very deftly handle the situation with expertise and cool minds. The unmanned train is on the same track as their train, which is carrying children on a trip and the chemical loaded monster has to be stopped before it wrecks havoc on an unaware city. In the pathway of the chemical loaded train is a sharp bend, which if taken at a high speed, will force the train to overshoot the track and plunge it straight into the city, exploding the chemical barrels and spraying the toxic chemical on innocent citizens.

Technical marvels that have been used by the director, with no CGI effects, are definitely a treat for the adrenaline and the excitement has been very effectively portrayed by both the actors, who are veterans of many action Top Movies. The action sequences have been excellently photographed and the sleek editing has made them blend into a continuity that makes for the thrilling finale of the film, when everything is sorted out and many lives are saved by the heroic deeds of the two heroes.

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