Megamind - Movie Review

An animated movie, fit for Top Movies slot, produced by DreamWorks Animation, Pacific Data Images (PDI) and Red Hour Films has been directed by Tom McGrath to a screenplay written by Alan J. Schoolcraft and Brent Simons. Voiced over by Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt, the movie is a clever piece of intelligent story-telling and equally deft direction.

An alien, Megamind (whose voice-over is Will Ferrell - scion of many Top Movies), sent to Earth by his parents because his home planet is being sucked by a black hole, becomes a loser to Metro Man (whose voice-over is Brad Pitt - Hero of many Top Movies), another alien, who is savior of Metro City. His only companion is Minion (whose voice-over is David Cross - actor of many Top Movies) and both are unwanted in the Metro City. Realizing that he is good at destructive ideas and can never succeed until Metro Man is alive, Megamind plans to eliminate him. He kidnaps Roxanne Ritchi (whose voice-over is Tina Fey - scion of many Top Movies), a news reporter and holds her captive in the city observatory as a bait to lure Metro Mind in a fight to death. Metro Man is eventually killed by the Death Ray of Megamind, who is now crowned king of Metro City's underworld.

With no challenges left in life, Megamind starts getting bored and decides to create an opponent with the serum of Metro Man. Disguised as a Museum curator, Bernard he has started dating Roxanne and during one such meeting, gives her the indication of what Megamind has in store for the people of Metro City. Roxanne, along with her cameraman Hal Stewart (whose voice-over is Jonah Hill - actor of many Top Movies) enters the hideout of Megamind to stop him. In the ensuing fight the serum gets injected into Hal, who becomes Tighten, the next savior of Metro City. Megamind's true identity is accidentally revealed to Roxanne and she severs her relationship with him.
Tighten challenges Megamind to a fight, which Megamind loses miserably and decides to end his life. Minion persuades him to find a way to defeat Tighten and both are eventually successful in getting Roxanne by their side. In the final fight, the trio is successful in eliminating Tighten, when Megamind is able to extract the serum of Metro Mind from Tighten. Megamind's change of heart gets him the respect of the people of Metro City and he is crowned savior of Metro City.

A typical hero vs villain story, the intelligent twist in the movie is turning Megamind into a hero from a super villain which earns him the love of people. Love wins even a diehard opponent.

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