World War Z - Movie Review

World War Z
Based on the novel of the same name, World War Z is an apocalyptic thriller that will leave you saying it's the best zombie movie you have ever seen. While the movie deviates from author Max Brooks' novel, its version is surprisingly good. With mega-star Brad Pitt in the lead role, it's hard to go wrong.


Pitt is the star of this film playing Gerry Lane a United Nations employee. When the world war starts, he will be thrust into action to try and find a way to stop the zombies from overtaking the world. Mireille Enos (HBO series and The Killing) plays Karen, Lane's wife and mother of their two daughters. Matthew Fox and Bryan Cranston, of the TV hit Breaking Bad, also star. Marc Forster, who did the James Bond film Quantum of Solace, directs.


Gerry Lane is a U.N. employee and family man who loves his wife and two daughters dearly. Living in New York City, Lane and his family learn that martial law has been declared. While traveling through the city, the Lane family begins to see why. Mayhem and chaos ensue as a zombie pandemic has begun. The zombies are toppling armies and governments all over the world and looking to bring an end to humanity. In a race against the clock, Lane must leave his family and travel the world to find a way to save the human race.


If you are a fan of Brooks' novel, be prepared. The movie's adaptation is much different than what you have read. Don't worry, though. That's a good thing. While the actual making of the movie wound up taking a little longer than was first thought, the end result is a solid zombie movie. The action scenes are a non-stop adrenaline rush and will keep you waiting for what happens next. There is gripping emotion as well as Lane must leave his family and go off and fight the zombies.

You will find yourself pulling for Lane to make it just so he can get back to his wife and daughters. Fans may remember that the ending of the movie had to be redone and it's a doozy... and well worth it. Apparently, Forster has some plans for not just a sequel, but a trilogy along the likes of the Jason Bourne series or even Spiderman. If you like action and zombie, World War Z is well worth a look.

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