Violence of Terrorism(?)

The following is a reaction to readings for a class of mine, "Anthropology of Violence."

It’s yellow, no its red, no its yellow again. I think it’s orange
today… Does anyone actually pay attention to the United States
Department of Homeland Security Threat Advisory? Just so you know, it’s
officially yellow as of 9:30 this evening. You can check it when you
feeling worried by going to:

It is just one sign of America’s paranoia regarding “terrorist threats.”
So, what does that mean exactly? Should I buy duct tape and plastic,
or run for the hills? Oh no, there goes a dark skinned guy in a U-Haul

It’s gotten crazy. Who is really paying attention to this? By the way,
have you heard the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf? You know, the
people stopped listening to him after awhile. The difference here
though is the screaming by “anonymous government officials” is much more
shrill than any real attack can ever be.

Granted, more people died in the continental United States on September
11, 2001 than all wars since the Civil War. Only seven people were
killed in the US during World War II. This was serious. However, are
the warnings realistic?

How about these warnings that would actually save lives:

Ok, the last one doesn’t apply to Japan, but apparently several hundred
people die every year in Japan from eating Fugu.

Looking at these readings, it seems that violence is directed at the
other, the unknown. In the case of terrorism, there is no way to win.
There other is a mysterious bogeyman that we are constantly reminded of.
It is time to reconsider what we’re being told, and look at reality. It
is time to start saving lives not by crying wolf about terror, but by
looking at what causes terror and by saving lives where they can be
saved. So, next time you ride your bike to the station, stay to the
left, ring your bell, turn your light on at night, and forget about the

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