Center for Public Diplomacy

I could not have asked for more. For a few months I have been searching online for just the right PhD program for me. I have been looking for a program that is relatively broad based in the political sciences, but also has a strong communications department so that I can draw on their resources to look more deeply into public diplomacy.

For nearly two years now I have been following issues related to public diplomacy, also known as propaganda. Generally speaking the term describes all strategic communications conducted by states directed at the people of other nations. It also includes educational exchange programs such as Fulbright and the International Visitor Program. In recent years it has been given more attention, especially since America is hugely unpopular across most of the Muslim world. Apparently, the new secretary of state, Condi Rice, will work to improve what is taking place.

But now, the University of Southern California has founded the Center for Public Diplomacy. It combines the efforts of the Annenberg School of Communications and the schools of Political Science and International Relations. It is the perfect match for what I have been seeking. From 2006 they will offer an MA in Public Diplomacy.

So now, I must overcome my aversion to living in LA and get my application ready.

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