he Chinese Draw

Karen Hughes, bushes new "minister of information," is travelling the world trying to improve the face of America. She is failing horribly. Her next target in Asia will be Malaysia and Indonesia where she will make yet another attempt to get them to like America.

China, on the other hand, is doing little but is gaining popularity around the world. As the San Jose Mercury News reports, students from Chicago to Kuala Lampur are rallying to study Chinese. However, they are doing little to cash in on the worlds awareness of Panda Bears, Kung Fu, and kung pao chicken. On the other hand, there are no major Chinese companies the world can call their own. China doesn't have McDonalds, Microsoft, Toyota, or Sony.

However, at some point this will change. At some point, the new China will become visible to the world. At some point, the Chinese will add to their multi-lateral approach efforts at promoting themselves.

The article also notes though that China's only attraction remains economic opportunity. There is no draw of "freedom" or "democracy." This is what Mrs. Hughes is selling to Indonesia and Malaysia, yet it falls on deaf ears. Perhaps the US should learn from CHina, and focus on the simple. Rather than trying to sell big ideas, perhaps American should try to live by them and let the actions speak for themselves.

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