Are the aides freaking?

It's official - it is a war on terror. It isn't a crusade, and it isn't just a mere "global struggle against violent extremism." Bush has spoken - the United States is engaged in a neverending war on terror. Why this switch? Why this sudden "flip-flop?"

In January of 2003, Bush established the Office of Global Communications to coordinate the international message of this Administration. Staying "on message" is of considerable importance in the WH. Nearly everyday, this office issues the "Global Message of the Day." Curiously, the last message was March 18, 2005.

Likewise, only recently was Bush's friend, Karen Hughes, confirmed by the senate as Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. From the time of Margaret Tutweiler's sudden departure nearly a year and one half passed.

This lack of direction sounds oddly familiar. This lack of control sounds somewhat like recent stories out of Hollywood - maybe, something like Tom Cruise's recent parting with his long-term publicist Pat Kingsley. Without her advice, Cruise has drawn unwanted attention from the media, particularly regarding his Scientological beliefs.

Perhaps a lesson for Bush here is that to keep on message, he needs to figure out this communication stuff. Luntz and the others have figured this out in the domestic market, but actions still speak louder than words overseas. When will they ever learn?

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