Great Leader

Today is the Emperor Akihito's Birthday, a national holiday in Japan. All offices are closed, and mail is not delivered. The Emperor rarely speaks, but traditionally he answers quesitons from the media on this day. Believe it or not, he actually does this less than George W. Bush.

It seems there is a day for everything in the world. This is Emperor Akihito's day. Also in Japan, newspapers recognize the national holidays of nearly all nations of the world with a page or two of congrulations to the people of that nation on their day. In America it's July 4. In Germany, October 3rd. (But wait, didn't the wall fall on November 9th? Yes, but that was also Kristallnacht - the day of reckoning in Nazi Germany for the Jews.)

Now, George Bush's birthday is July 6th. So unless some historian finds that July 4th was actually inaccurate - maybe they forget about a couple leap years or something... there is little chance it will be George Bush's day. However, I'm not holding my breath.

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