Faith and Language Converge

Whether Bush’s faith is sincere or not, the language he is using works. Polls have shown that the main issue in the election turned out to be “moral values.” It was no coincidence that eleven states, including Ohio, had measures on the ballot outlawing gay marriage. Frank Luntz, one of the most influential pollsters of modern politics, is convinced of Bush’s sincerity in this election. “When it came to the war on terror, Americans knew where their president stood and exactly what he believed. They simply did not share the same level of confidence in Mr. Kerry.”
The language utilized by the President left at least half the American people with faith in his policies. The electorate felt confident by his words and what they represented. It may have been simple phrases repeated many times over, but it worked.
What is he doing? First, the president has personal faith and is not afraid to share that fact. Second, whenever possible, the President utilizes the language of his faith, which communicates directly to his base in subtle tones. Third, the President and the entire Republican Party carefully construct their language about certain issues to speak directly to the desires of the American people. Taking lessons from Madison Avenue, the President chooses to use words such as “climate change” instead of the more frightening “global warming.” Together these forces form a very powerful force that the opposition and the world must come to understand.

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